Good News! Church Can Meet During Lockdown!

10:00 am or 11:15 am

(But Places Are Limited. You Must Book.)


to Parkside Evangelical


Places for our 10:30 am public worship services will be limited until the Covid crisis has passed. Please book on Fridays by phoning:

(01903) 714 670   

Our Weekly Online Service


"To know Christ and make Him known."



Open Again!

From 3rd December

10 am or 11:15 am.

Please Book! 

"Evangelical" is just a fancy word that we use to sum up the fact that God wants to tell you His good news by speaking truthfully to you through the Bible.


[ e-van-gel-i-cal ]

God's Good News

The God who created you cared so much about your struggles that He became a human being just like you. He died for you. He conquered death for you. He made it possible for you to be forgiven and to receive new life. He promises to change your life by the power of His Holy Spirit and He will speak truthfully to you through  His word the Bible. 

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