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Welcome! Whether you've just moved to the area, or have lived here all your life - we hope our website helps you find out what you want to know about Parkside Evangelical Church. 


The Church meets every Sunday at 10:30am for our morning service in our church building on St Flora's Road.

The Sunday evening service takes place at 6:30pm again in our building on St Flora's Road.

You can see a map marked with the church location on our visit us page.


If you are driving, the church has a small car park to the left of the entrance. Or there is free parking on St Flora's Road itself.

Whichever service you come to, you can expect a warm welcome, an easy-to follow format, preaching from the Bible, a mixture of old and new songs, and a friendly bunch of ordinary people of mixed ages and backgrounds, gathering to learn more about God.

Also tea, coffee and biscuits afterwards!

There is usually someone at the door to greet you as you come in.  Please feel free to ask them any questions or raise any concerns you may have about what to expect.



We have a growing number of children and babies at Parkside and each Sunday we run several groups for toddlers, children and young people.  

During our morning service, children of primary age (year 1-6) are invited to join in with Sunday school. While the adults are in the main meeting, the children can enjoy Bible teaching at the same time, aimed specifically at their own age group.


A creche is also provided for babies and toddlers during the service. If you would prefer to stay with your child in creche please feel free to do so, however if there is a problem the creche helpers will come get you from the main hall.


Our children's programme is for ages 0-16. All children stay with their families for the first part of the service. When the service leader indicates it's time for the children to go to their groups, visitors are very welcome to join in - just follow the crowd!


Children can expect to have fun, learning about God in a relevant way. 

If you prefer for your child to stay with you in the main service, then of course that's fine too.


Not at all!!

Our service format is easy to follow, and led from the front so it is always clear what's going on.

We generally (but not always!) stand to sing and sit to pray, as you'll see others doing. Song words are shown on the screens at the front and side of church so it's easy to take part if you want to, but no-one will think badly of you if you stay seated, or choose not to sing.


We have ramps to access the building and an accessible toilet with baby changing facilities. A hearing aid loop is available. Words of songs can be printed in a large font on request.

We want you to feel at home with us.

If you have any concerns feel free to voice them before the service and we will try and ease any worries you may have.

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