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Saturday 4th November

9:30 am to 1 pm


The Reformation started over 500 years ago. After many painful lessons, it eventually produced the culture of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience that we once took for granted in England. Those freedoms are under direct attack today.


Our culture is currently trying to silence both Evangelicals and Catholics because of our similar commitments to traditional Christian morality. Christians are already being prosecuted, loosing their jobs and being harassed over issues of conscience.


This conference will seek to uphold seven Biblical principles for peaceful disagreement that both Evangelicals and Catholics must continue to have in common.


The conference will then practically apply them as Rev. Rory McClure defends the Evangelical doctrines of authority, justification, the Lord's Supper and Mary and Father Tony Milner defends their Catholic equivalents. We must continue to demonstrate to ourselves and to our culture that Christianity makes it is possible to lovingly and respectfully disagree without endangering our most basic freedoms.

9:30 am. Session 1. Welcome. Sing; All people that on earth do dwell (Ps. 100). Nicene Creed. Seven principles for peaceful disagreement. Was the Reformation justified?

10:45 am. Tea & coffee break.

11:15 am. Session 2. Disagreeing about authority, justification, Mary and the Lord's Supper/The Mass. Q&A.Conclusions. Sing, Praise God my soul (Ps 103). Benediction.

12:40 pm. Lunch. (Bring and share)

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