Our History

The church was originally known as Argyll Hall and met in a building near the River Arun in the centre of Littlehampton. When the Wick estate was built on the west side of Littlehampton, there was no Church on that estate. A number of Church members believed that God was calling them to start a work on the new estate. After prayer and discussions the local authority provided them with a plot of land. Wickbourne Chapel was built and opened in the late sixties. This work grew and many people are thankful for the witness of the Church on that estate. There was considerable outreach on to the estate amongst all age groups and many lasting contacts were made.

In 1972 the local council contacted the Church members who were left at Argyll Hall to invite them to move to a new site on the east of the town because the local council wanted to build a road through the old building.

The Wickbourne Chapel buildings became the centre for the WIRE Project. This was opened in 1996 to serve the people of Wick and it has grown from very small beginnings to become a significant project in the area. It comes under the umbrella of Spurgeon's Child Care which is a national and international charity working amongst children, young people and families. In 2005 a brand new building replaced the original Wickbourne Chapel and is now called The Wickbourne Centre. This centre was built with government money under the Sure Start programme.

The new site in St Flora's Road is in a strategic position and has many facilities which are proving very useful to the church and to the community. The new building was opened in 1973.